The List

Now that I am not working and plan to devote a significant amount of my time to sewing, I decided it was high time that I compiled a list of all the sewing projects I would like to do in the near future. This is not a “must do” list, but a list of goals that I am giving myself permission to change as my interests change. I’m sure many of you have a list like this, either on “paper” or in your head. At the moment, the only “must do” item is the first one, which I have already completed since compiling this list on Friday. Excellent!

Without further ado, here it is.


1. Gift — that’s all the detail I’m giving since this is actually going to be a surprise for a change. And it’s already done, so I can check this one off!

2. Finish that quilt that I originally intended as a Christmas gift and later got realistic about it and did something else for those friends. This quilt has been sitting around patiently ever since. I hate having unfinished projects lying around, and it’s time to get back to this one!
Hats for Houses

3. Make something like the sweet chemise in Simple Sewing with a French Twist or this tie top tank.

4. Make some fabric gift tags to have around.

5. Make some sewn note cards. There is a project in Denyse Schmidt Quilts, but these could be any kind of sewn note cards. This could be very fun! Note: need card stock!

6. I have a green wool skirt that I would love to applique in the spirit of the project in Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

7. Make a tea wallet. There is someone I think of every time I see this, so I’m thinking one gift, and maybe one for me (I always take tea with me when I travel — I’m much less cranky if I have an option other than Lipton).

8. Shower cap. Get out!! This is so cute!! And I use a shower cap all the time, so I totally need a cute one!

9. Labels to put on things I make. I’ve seen a few suggestions, but I haven’t figured out what I want to do yet.

10. I always want to send some cute little ornaments with Christmas gifts but never end up having the time. I want to make this cute little apron ornament.

11. And this cute little patchwork star ornament (scroll down to see it).

12. YoYos!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but I really need to make some of these.

13. Try out some Liberated Quiltmaking. I got the book for Christmas and I am dying to jump in!

14. Make the Patchwork Throw from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I love this every time I look at it, so I think it’s high time that I at least put it on The List.

15. Single Girl Quilt. Maybe not this exact pattern, but something very close. Also completely in love with this one for ages.

16. Make something with the Drunkard’s Path block (the pieced version, not the “easy” applique kind). I keep seeing totally different quilts I love and realizing they are all variations on the Drunkard’s Path. I would love to do a sort of study of this in lots of little quilts, with the blocks arranged lots of different ways. That sounds like so much fun! Note to self: need to learn how to piece curves!

17. Make something with the Wagon Wheels pattern. I can’t get that little pink quilt from my Great Grandmother out of my head!
Great Grandma's Pink Dresden Baby Quilt

18. Make a shirt muslin from Sew U. Another Christmas gift I am dying to dive into!

19. Make a pant muslin from Sew U. I have never made a decent top for myself and I’ve never even attempted pants (pajama bottoms really don’t count), but skirts I’ve made fine a bunch of times, so I’m much more interested in learning about shirts and pants.

20. Gifts (also top secret!). This will be for an occasion that might not occur, so this one is tentative. But I have compiled a list of ideas of what to make for this, so I’m one up on it already!

21. Knit another dish cloth. Or two. See if the knitting catches on to my brain or if this is just a no-go hobby for me.
Knit 1

22. Work on that cross stitch that my husband started but I have been trying to pick away at for years now. Definitely still quite a few years to go on this one… This is partly because I find cross stitch a very in-front-of-the-TV kind of activity, and we no longer own a TV!

23. Make a patchwork belt. Several options on this. One of each? 😉

24. Make two chair cushions. This is not for me, so is kinda like a gift but for no particular reason. May or may not ever get done, but I’d like to do this. We’ll see. 🙂

25. Make something (quilt? duvet cover?) for the bed in the spare/sewing room. I bought some fabric at one point but I’m still not in love with my selections and no ideas have really hit me over the head about what to do here. Just would like to make something that matches the new-ish curtains a little better (aren’t they cute in that Amy Butler fabric?).
Funky Curtains

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5 comments to The List

  • So many great ideas! I’ve started purchasing some fabric for the Amy B patchwork throw too!

  • Awesome list! I should make one too. I’ve been feeling completely uninspired, but a list might just be the ticket to getting excited again.

    I think I stumbled upon your blog while you were on vacation and have never commented, but I loved seeing all those glorious quilts! So hi! I am officially a reader, and I’m excited about your list!

  • 6, 7 and 15 are on my list too. I really want to make that Single Girl quilt

  • terriaw

    Wow, I really love your list! Can I adopt some of those things to my list too? That apron ornament is adorable, and I like your idea of having some fabric gift tags and embroidered cards on hand for those last minute gifts. Looks like so much fun!

  • I love your list. Lots of great links thanks! I have made a few thins from Sew U and I have to say I just love it. The only problem I have with it is that is makes me want to sew more of my own clothes and I have to say that I find most of the local fabric stores uninspiring in the apparel fabric department.

    Good Luck!

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