Meandering Musings

Thanks so much for all the love on the Cozy Camera Case Tutorial. I’m really glad that it seems to be such a hit!

Also a hit at my house were the cookies. Despite the fact that I made them for my husband, I know I ate more than half of them. And they were really quick to make, which is really bad news.

Speaking of chocolate, have you seen this dish, recently mentioned by the angry chicken?

I am thinking to make this to take to an Oscars party later this month. So simple, and yet it looks so good.

I used my new pilates mat bag the other day and loved it. Though it is still to be tested while riding the bike, since the weather has taken a turn for the cooler and wetter.

I succeeded in getting that green skirt altered and wearable, and I am wearing the brown one right now with a brown turtleneck sweater and knee-hi boots and it looks so cute! 🙂

In other really stimulating news, I just finished organizing all my browser bookmarks and all the files on my computer. It had gotten to the point where I wasn’t filing away any of my bookmarks (just leaving them in the top level) and was leaving all new files on my desktop, which under normal conditions I would have completely empty. I could not find things that I KNEW I had. So it is now complete and I feel so much better! I have even unearthed a bunch of projects that I wanted to do but couldn’t remember where they were. More on that to come!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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