Family Quilts — For My Sister

Hey out there in blog land. I hope everyone is having a lovely day (including me, whatever I’m doing in Vietnam or Cambodia today!).

I have to say that I never cease to be amazed at the variety of quilts I have to show you from my family. They are providing me with quite a limitless supply of inspiration. I hope they are doing the same for you!

Grandma's Quilt -- For My Sister

This is another quilt from my Grandma Weber (my mother’s mother). My Grandmother made everyone a quilt for a wedding gift. As my brother and sister are the only unmarried peeps among my Grandmother’s 11 grandchildren, they eventually selected quilts as well, despite not meeting the basic requirement. 🙂 My sister chose this from among some quilts my Grandmother had already finished (by this time she was really getting a bit too old for all the work involved in making one of these and was not up to starting something new). It was hand quilted, but was likely machine pieced, at least in part. She seemed to like to do the individual blocks by hand, but then stitched them all together with the machine. Best of both worlds!

Grandma's Quilt -- For My Sister

This is a bright and cheerful quilt in a bow tie pattern. There is no obvious pattern to this quilt that I can see.

Grandma's Quilt -- For My Sister
I did not get a shot of the back of this one, so I’m not sure what it looks like. And I’m not entirely sure if this has a separate binding or not — I can’t tell from the photos and this is the Grandma that made the Yellow Cross Stitch and Red Cross Stitch quilts without the bindings. The quilting is done just inside each of the pieces of the blocks, and on the binding is a pretty wave with vertical stripes. This is the kind of quilt that makes me smile. 🙂 (See?)

The next three quilts I show you in this series will be quilts made by my father (yep! My father!). Then we’ll dive back into some more real gems from my Great Grandma Roloff. At least eight more quilts to go in this series (I think I might have one more in the closet I don’t have pictures of yet). Stay tuned!

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