Buying in Bulk

I just realized recently that there was a post I meant to do that I totally forgot about! 🙂 I can’t believe I have neglected to mention such an excellent stash building event!

Back in late September or early October, I found a posting on Craig’s List where someone was trying to sell a bunch of bolts of solid color fabric. So, my husband went with me and we trekked over to Pacifica where I purchased 14 bolts of fabric. Some were only about half full, but many had nearly 15 yards on them still. I think we cut a deal that put this at $2 a yard or less. They have clearly been sitting around for a while, as the end of the bolt frequently looks a bit worn out and dirty, and, particularly for the darker fabrics, the fold line from where they are folded in half to wrap around the bolt seems, well, permanently faded. But not badly.

I had in mind a specific project for this set of fabrics.

New bolts 2

And you have actually seen some shots of that project in progress. Amazing!

This set of fabrics was acquired with another vague project in mind, but I’ll have to let that one percolate a bit more yet. I just knew that I would need some of these colors, so I went ahead and snagged them.
New bolts 1

And then these two I bought as I have yet another vague plan for something for the spare room/sewing room.

New bolts 3

In the meantime, I’ve been finding loads of other uses for these fabrics (including the linings of the bags for both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law). Sweet! I just have to remember to save enough for the projects I originally had in mind!

On a slightly sadder and less stash-building note, I discovered today that we will be on vacation during the biggest sale of the year at my local quilting shop. Maybe I can sweet talk him into letting me have my discount some other time??? Whatta ya think? Worth a try?

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2 comments to Buying in Bulk

  • Wow! This looks like such a score. Can’t wait to see what you use it for.

  • littlebluecottage


    Where the heck do you live? I’m in Santa Cruz. I’ve been reading you for awhile, but didn’t realize you are close. I occasionally go to Eddie’s and also to the Granary. Do you ever come to Hart’s fabrics over here? It’s fab.


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