Quilt #4 — Stacked Coins

My big quilting project for the labor day weekend is done, and I am REALLY happy with the way it turned out (note that I think I started this quilt in February!). This is the Stacked Coins quilt from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. I picked it as a showcase for the totally awesome Katie Jump Rope fabric from Denyse Schmidt that I got for Christmas last year.

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, front

Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting good light at a time of day I could take a photo, so I don’t think it actually looks as colorful in these shots as it is. But I think you’ll get the idea.

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, front detail
There were a lot of firsts for me on this quilt, and it all turned out really well. I designed a swirl pattern that would fit the border just the way I wanted and then traced it. I’m not great at following the lines, but it helps me keep things pretty well lined up.

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, front detail

I also created a template for the geometric pattern that I quilted in the vertical brown columns. I’m pretty amazed at how even it looks!

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, front detail

And as you can see, I made the bold decision to quilt most of this (all but the curlie-q’s in the stacked coins themselves) in a lovely bright green thread. I initially was going to do a matching brown, but after I tested it, it had to be the green. Pretty bold move for a fairly inexperienced quilter, but I just love how it looks!

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, back
After all this gingham love I’ve been seen on the web these days, it’s no wonder that when I went to pick out the backing I suddenly thought, “Right! Gingham!”

Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, back detail
But I couldn’t have just a solid gingham back, so I pieced together some leftover scraps. Then I had to do a little geometry to figure out how to make it into a block that I could easily piece into the back. That was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be (it’s no partial derivatives, but still!).
Quilt #4 -- Stacked Coins, back detail
I’m surprised and really pleased at how well all the quilting shows up on this gingham print. Actually, the first thing I did before any of the free motion or the pattern quilting was to stitch in the ditch of the major seams using nylon for the top thread. I thought this worked really well, and it shows up nicely on the back.

The final size of this quilt is 50 1/4 x 63 1/2 inches, just a little less than the pattern said it should be. I’m sure it’s all the heavy quilting in the border. The only thing left to do for this is make a label (I always forget about that part!).

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