Weekend Update

I finally finished my first knitting project! I won’t tell you what the pattern was supposed to be so it won’t be so obvious all the things that I messed up, but I’m pretty proud this at least looks like the functional dish cloth it’s supposed to be!

Knit 1

Mixed another batch of bread from that book.

Kitchen Still Life

Work in progress. Okay, this has been in progress for a VERY long time, but it’s getting closer. It’s going to be a quilt. I need to decide what I want to do for the quilting on it, and then get the sandwich put together.

Almost Quilt #4

Some shopping fun at Anthropologie. I scored some really lovely tablecloths off the clearance table that I plan to use for quilts at some point.

Lovely Anthropologie

A tutorial in progress for you!

Tutorial In Progress

Moving sale bargain. Before we moved to California nearly 2 1/2 years ago we had a three-car garage full of projects like this. It’s so ugly it’s awesome (oh yeah!). Our next-door neighbor suggested filling it with plants. And maybe a little fountain in the middle of the top. Oh yeah. I like it. Oh yeah.

Bargain Matinee

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2 comments to Weekend Update

  • wow, you’ve been busy!

    I never would have thought to check out anthro for table linens…I’ll have to stop by for a visit soon 🙂

    Congrats on finishing your first knitting project! The yarn that you used is gorgeous! Are you addicted yet?

  • You’ve got some great projects going on there. And my first knitting project was definitely wonky but I am still using it (a dishcloth) as it still works despite its appearance. It’s a great reminder that we have to begin somewhere.

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